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          Justice delayed is Justice denied .

Smt. Vasundhara Raje 
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Smt. Vasundhara Raje





  Litigation Information Tracking and Evaluation System

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Format-7 Disposal rate for all Cases

Format-6 (to Send Required Information of Officers in Excel sheet)

Format-5 (Fortnight Review of the Red Category Court Cases- by the State Nodal Officer. )

Format-4 (Review for Court-Cases)

Format-3 (Review for Ex-Parte Cases)

Format-2-II (Red-Category)

Format-2 (Red-Category)


Circular of all ACS/Pr.Secy./Secy. 359 dated 27.8.2015

Circular for All District Collectors - 357 Dated 26.8.2015

Circular of litigation date 18.5.2015

Circular of litigation date 10.8.2015

U.O. note to all department dt. 8.5.2015

Circular 509 dt. 31.7.2015 to all HoD Department / Unit

CIRCULAR-28.07.2015 (Fortnight Review of the Red Category Court Cases- by the State Nodal Officer. )

Circular to all department (03-07-2015)

Circular to All DM (03.07.2015)

D.O. of expand the domain of Red-Category Cases

Circular to All Department 29-06-2015

Circular to All Department 03-06-2015


Frequently Asked Questions (updated)

New version of LITES with enhanced features launched
Decided cases may not be deleted from the "LITES" but retained in Format-8
For operating the older version click LITES(OLD) in the left panel Old Order / Circular

  Litigation data management and evaluation system improves efficiency, speeds justice and access to information.
Date of Last Updation 27/11/2015

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